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Over 70 percent of Earth is covered with water and owing to an efficient and most cost-effective mode of transport, upward of 90 percent of international trade is seaborne.

Commercial Practice

We provide expert advice on all aspects of commercial activity for all types of businesses under the UAE law. We draft documentation and conduct negotiations for our clients.

Civil Law

The rights and duties of individuals amongst themselves is the main purpose of civil law. We deal in all matters of civil law, including the law of property and compensations.

Criminal Law

Our lawyers have experience in representing those with those bearing all kinds of criminal offences and charges. Ranging from the simplest of charges to the largest and most heinous of crimes.

Property and Real Estate

Our lawyers are the best in the industry at dealing with all matters in the region relating to real estate and property. We aid in transactions and every matter.

Construction Law

The UAE’s construction is booming and we welcome all kinds of contractors and clients who are contributing to building the country. We offer a full range of legal practice relating to construction.

Dispute Resolution

There are two sides to every case. We like to help our clients using the best legal practices and strategies so that they’re fully heard. We offer negotiations, mediation, conciliation and so much more in order to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Litigation and Arbitration

Every situation is unique. Our team attentively studies your case and presents you with options. We advise you on the best approach that ensures your satisfaction and achieving the best possible outcome.

Property and Real Estate

Family matters are always delicate, as they consist of a huge amount of stress. Such as, when deciding the rights of the family members, and particularly when children are involved financial matters arise.

Dispute Resolution

Citizenship can either be obtained either by birth, derivation or naturalization. Each country has its own very unique and idiosyncratic laws and rules for citizenship.  Some of the specific laws are truly amazing.

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