Construction Law

Construction Law

The UAE’s construction is booming and we welcome all kinds of contractors and clients who are contributing to building the country.

Issues concerning or revolving construction are much more tormenting than any other industry as it affects many participants in a single transaction, these parties are financial institutions, surveyors, architects, engineers, workers and builders. Along with the involvement of these parties, construction disputes also intend to be expensive and time consuming. Thus, by our vast depth of knowledge and expertise in this particular field, we intend to resolves disputes in timely and effective manner.

We offer a full range of legal practice relating to construction; including contract development and review, bonds and guarantees, sureties, liens, tendering, construction claims, subcontract issues, liability arising in contract due to negligence and on other grounds, insurance and performance security, dispute resolution and litigation.

Wherever there is a breach of terms of contract, we thrive for claiming damages, repudiation, rescission and specific performance of the contract by applying to the various channels of negotiation, mediation adjudication and litigation and thus bringing positive outcome along with the complete satisfaction to the client.

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