UAE Tax Policy

Our tax lawyers and tax consultants with extensive experience in dealing with VAT in different jurisdictions worldwide are able to provide you with advice in all aspects of VAT.

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Maritime Articles

Awsuwaidi attorneys regularly work for financial institutions located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond

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Labour law

As an employee or employer, you have rights and privileges that are mandated by Law. Our duty is to ensure the protection of your rights.

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Immigration & Citizenship

Awsuwaidi lawyers will help you to get citizenship to the country you will choose. We will take into consideration all the wishes of the client to get the best result.

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Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is often more effective and affordable than going to court. We have years of experience in dispute resolution in the GCC.

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Commercial Articles

Commercial law covers a wide range of topics and specializations and we aim to provide you with fast, dynamic and innovative solutions to ensure you get the desired outcome.

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