Maritime Law: Over 70 percent of earth is covered with water and owing to an efficient and most cost-effective mode of transport, upward of 90 percent of international trade is seaborne.

United Arab Emirates remains the de facto maritime hub in Middle East and wider region. Indications are that UAE leading position will be further strengthened with ongoing development of maritime cluster and therefore consolidation of UAE position as a leading regional maritime hub. With that in mind, it is hardly surprising that contribution from this sector continues to rise so much so that recent Government study identified maritime sector as one of the six pillars for UAE future growth, reference Dubai Industrial Strategy and Maritime vision 2030.

Maritime law or Admiralty law governs nautical issues and regulates relationships between parties operating or using ships and hence private maritime disputes. It comprises both domestic and private international law and is therefore distinct from international public law governing relationships amongst states and other international conventions and treaties.

AWS offers an excellent service, combining knowledge and experience of maritime law and the industry with prompt response, client-friendly approach and focus on the outcome whilst keeping in mind the underlying commercial issues. We handle breadth of wet and dry shipping works as well as advising on ports, terminals, offshore installations/mobile offshore units, conversions and ships/MOUs/yachts construction issues. We offer knowledge and experience across the full spectrum including fundamental maritime issues relating to ship registry, flagging/re-flagging, classifications, conversion/newbuilding specifications, deliverables and non-conformities.

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  • Woman receives $240,000 for injuries received from boxes falling on her at retail store.
  • Woman receives $120,000 for cervical spine injury requiring epidural steroid injections after automobile accident.
  • Man in mid-30s receives $120,000 in damages for cervical spine fracture suffered in truck collision.
  • Woman in her early 20s receives $96,000 for physical and psychological damages caused by food tampering at restaurant.
  • Man in mid-20s receives $31,107 in damages for back injury suffered from truck wreck caused by downed power line.

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