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Our scope of services & experiences cut across different aspects of the International & Dubai Law

Arbitration Law

Arbitration, a process of dispute resolution by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision on the dispute. We are expert in this.

Attestation in Dubai

What is Attestation? Attestation is one of the many services we offer. Attestation, or legalization as it is also referred …

Civil Law

The rights and duties of individuals amongst themselves is the main purpose of civil law. We deal in all matters of civil law, including the law of property and compensations.

Commercial & Corporate Law

Commercial law covers a wide range of topics and specializations and we aim to provide you with the fast, dynamic and innovative solutions to ensure you get the desired outcome.

Company Incorporation

Through our experiences, we unlock a lot of business secrets that play a big role in the establishment of healthy and successful business in UAE.

Construction claims consultants in Dubai

A construction dispute or claim is a legal challenge issued by one of the parties involved in a construction project. …

Criminal Law

Our lawyers have experience in representing those bearing all kinds of criminal offences and charges. Ranging from the simplest of charges to the largest and most heinous of crimes.

Debt Collection in Dubai

If you are a creditor who is having a hard time collecting the money you are owed, or if you’re …

Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is often more effective and affordable than going to court. We have years of experience in dispute resolution in UAE and our lawyers are well informed.

Family Law

Family matters are always delicate, as they consist of a huge amount of stress. Such as, when deciding the rights of the family members, especially with children and financial matters.


Citizenship can either be obtained by birth, derivation or naturalization. Each country has its own idiosyncratic laws and rules for citizenship. Our years of experience is second to none

Insurance Law in Dubai

Insurance Law Insurance law deals with insurance policies and claims, and how these policies are formed and enforced. An insurance …

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (IE) law covers the topic of ownership of materials and works by people and organizations.

Maritime Law

Maritime Law is a complex yet necessary area of law that focuses on the shipping industry and other nautical issues.

Property Real Estate Law

Property and real estate law revolves around the ownership and transfer of properties between individuals and commercial entities.

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