Attestation in Dubai

What is Attestation?

Attestation is one of the many services we offer. Attestation, or legalization as it is also referred to, is a procedure done by a third-party to acknowledge the authenticity of a document. Signing the document verifies that the involved parties followed the appropriate procedure in producing the formal document. 

Attestation can be done on documents from other countries to make sure that they meet the UAE government’s standards, or it can also be done on documents originating from the UAE for their use in other countries. Documents from other countries need to be attested by the home country before they can be accepted for attestation in the UAE. A document attested in the UAE is a legitimate document that can be accepted anywhere in the UAE. 

What documents can be attested?

Any official document can be attested. The most common documents that come in for attestation are usually financial or personal documents. In addition to this, attestation of legal documents, such as a police clearance report or power of attorney, is also a frequent service. 

Our Services

For attestation to be carried out, you will need to submit the original document along with any official identification. Emirates ID or a valid passport copy are accepted.

We can also assist in notarizing documents.


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