The topic of civil law is concerned with the civil rights and legal dealings between private individuals and their counterparts. This also includes disputes between individuals and organizations. It is a distinctly separate area of expertise from criminal law, which focuses on criminal offences, such as road offences, theft, or assault. Typically, civil law has interests in areas such as landlords and tenancy agreements, debt collection, contracts, or organizational negligence.

In Dubai and the wider UAE, civil law is enacted at the federal level. However, laws also vary between each of the emirates. These devolved powers mean civil laws vary somewhat depending on location. Different cities and areas in the country require a slightly different approach and area of expertise.

At Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates, our clients benefit from our great experience of dealing across the whole of the UAE. Our friendly, efficient civil lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of civil law. Combined with our multi-disciplined team of civil attorneys, we are dedicated to providing the best legal advice in the Dubai area.

In our law firm, we are able to advise and support on civil litigation via a range of measures. Our clients benefit from many professional services, including:

  • Civil law advice and support – We are on hand to provide expert legal guidance on all areas of civil law. We give support and practical advice on how to solve our client’s civil law legal dispute.
  • Tenancy agreements – A common area of civil law disagreement is between landlords and tenants. We offer support to enforce or dispute tenancy agreements, providing representation when necessary.
  • Breach of contract – In situations where a contract may have been breached, we can provide guidance to both individuals and organisations. We are also able to enforce contractual obligations.
  • Due diligence support – In contracts where due diligence is required, we can perform the necessary investigations and leg-work in order to ensure a successful contract.
  • Client representation –  We provide legal representation in all areas of civil law, from enforcing contracts to supporting individuals pursue corporate negligence.
  • Debt collection – Our legal team is experienced at recovering money from organizations and individuals. We have a reliable track record of debt recovery in cases where credit agreements have long expired.

Benefits of our services and our process

As one of the premier civil legal firms in Dubai, at Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates, we take the time to fully understand the needs of all our clients. We offer initial consultations, ongoing advice and support during a civil law dispute, and legal representation where required.

We not only have fantastic experience in Dubai and across the UAE, our multi-disciplined team also have experience in international jurisdictions. This means we can advise and support overseas clients, and also clients within the UAE with an international civil dispute.

To find out more about our civil law legal services and to speak to an experienced attorney, please contact us on +971 55 9230221 to discuss your case. We also accept e-mail messages. Please outline your case and a representative will be in touch.


Aws. M.Younis

Mr. Aws M. Younis is the Managing Director / Senior Legal Consultant, and has had a dynamic and successful career which was built on high motivation and dedication. Adv. Aws Younis is active in Dubai since 2004.

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Abdulla Al Suwaidi

Mr. Abdulla Al Suwaidi is the Local Partner / Senior Legal Consultant, and has had a successful career which was built on high motivation and commitment. He specializes in a full range of legal matters in the U.A.E

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