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Company incorporation is the process of establishing a new commercial entity. In most cases, this is a company intending to trade in a particular industry or sector. Companies have different responsibilities and legal statuses than individual traders. UAE’s law can also penalize company owners if incorporation is done incorrectly. This is why it is important to hire a proven, experienced law firm to set up a new corporation. The benefits of this reduce the risk further down the line.

The formalities of company incorporation mean that new entities have a number of requirements to deal with during their creation. These include the following:

●       Shareholder responsibilities – Shareholders need accurate advice and support in order to fulfil their duties as company owners. This includes the distribution of shares and also ensuring steps are in place to promote business success and growth.

●       Employment law and eligibility to work – New companies must adhere to relevant employment law. They must also ensure employees are fully entitled to work in the UAE, either on a permanent or a temporary basis.

●       Trademarks and patents – The minefield of trademarks and patents requires clear legal advice and access to the latest information. New company names must not infringe on trademarks, patents, or intellectual property.

●       Customer and employee correspondence – All companies must follow guidance on issuing correct employee notices and correspondence. This is important for tax reasons, employment contracts, and more.

Dubai free zone companies

In Dubai, a “free zone” company is a privately-held organization that has 100% ownership by its founder. This type of company has many advantages, namely: they pay no corporation tax, have fewer business charges, can operate a UAE-based bank account, be active in numerous sectors, and can also trade internationally.

Offshore companies

Offshore companies in the UAE are owned and operated by an external individual shareholder, group of shareholders, or a parent entity. A typical example is when a business wants to open a subsidiary in the UAE. This makes the venture an offshore company. Unlike free zone enterprises in Dubai, offshore companies have more detailed tax regulations. They can operate largely as normal but require specialist legal advice and support.

Benefits of using us for company incorporation

At Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates, we operate a fully equipped company incorporation service for business clients. This includes access to the latest legal advice on the business setup process, helpful marketing advice, contract drafting, and more. We are able to cater to both free zone company incorporation and offshore company incorporation.

As a law firm with vast experience in commercial law, we can be trusted to provide advice and support for all our business clients. We follow a friendly, professional approach and take the time to listen to individual requirements. This is just one reason why we are highly-rated in Dubai for company incorporation services.

For more information on new company setup, or to make an enquiry about a business legal matter, please telephone us on: +971 52 9333726. We also accept e-mail messages. Just complete our short enquiry form. Our team is ready to serve you.


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