In the UAE and Dubai, criminal law is enacted into the federal law system. This uses numerous areas of Islamic Sharia law as its basis. Unlike civil law that focuses mainly on individuals, organizations, and the occurrences between them, criminal law is concerned with criminal offenses. Typical examples include road traffic offenses, assault, robbery, fraud, murder, criminal damage, and many other crimes.

Professional criminal representation in the UAE

At Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates, our criminal lawyers have great expertise and knowledge of Islamic Sharia Law and UAE federal law. For clients who face prosecution after being charged with a crime, we can act as counsel and provide effective representation in defense of alleged offenses. No matter if the crime is merely a violation or misdemeanor, or something more serious, our approach is the same. We provide expert legal advice, guidance, and support through the UAE’s legal procedures. This helps clients to defend their case and prepare themselves for the best possible outcome.

Our criminal law services

Whether in Dubai or the wider UAE, our law firm provides a full range of criminal law representation services. This includes reliable advice from the first instances of police investigation, to prosecution and all the way up to court appearances and appeals. Our fully licensed criminal law attorneys are experienced in all areas, including:

  • Criminal representation – We work in close contact with clients from initial police investigations up to court appearances. Our multi-disciplinary team has vast experience of all kinds of criminal cases, from smaller misdemeanors to more complex cases. This full representation ensures the best results for clients.
  • Bail and pleadings – We are able to support clients in their appeals for bail and other concessions. We submit memorandums and other pleas to give clients the best chance to obtain bail.
  • Ongoing client advice and support – Our criminal lawyers are flexible and on call to react to situations as and when they develop. This means our clients enjoy support and advice when and where they need it most.

Get in touch for criminal law representation

As one of the foremost legal practices in Dubai and the UAE, we have a proven track record of successful criminal cases. We operate in a highly confidential and professional manner, working closely with clients to ensure fair representation. Our team is multi-lingual and also has a great experience with international legal systems. This means we can take on cases involving foreign nationals, alongside our work with citizens of the UAE.

To reach our friendly, experienced lawyers, please telephone +971 55 9230221. The Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates offices are based in Dubai’s popular Business Bay, just a few minutes from Downtown Dubai. Alternatively, we can be reached by e-mail. Complete the short inquiry form and leave your message. We will endeavor to respond as soon as possible to follow up your query.


Aws. M.Younis

Mr. Aws M. Younis is the Managing Director / Senior Legal Consultant, and has had a dynamic and successful career which was built on high motivation and dedication. Adv. Aws Younis is active in Dubai since 2004.

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Abdulla Al Suwaidi

Mr. Abdulla Al Suwaidi is the Local Partner / Senior Legal Consultant, and has had a successful career which was built on high motivation and commitment. He specializes in a full range of legal matters in the U.A.E

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