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The law prohibits laundering any assets if they are originally obtained by illegal means. It is considered to be a crime in the field of economic activity. What is the penalty for such operations in Dubai? How to protect your rights? How to avoid awful consequences? Our lawyers in money laundering will help you deal with all the difficulties and get the best possible results.

Are You Guilty? Check What to Expect

The minimum possible penalty for cash laundering is fine. However, depending on the gravity of the act, the guilty person is involved in:

  • forced labor up to 2-5 years;
  • restriction of freedom up to 2 years;
  • imprisonment up to 2-7 years.

Simultaneously with the main punishment, the offender may be deprived of the right to hold a specific position or carry out a particular type of activity. Also, pay attention to the fact that funding laundering on a large scale, by a group of people by prior agreement and while using official position are among aggravating circumstances.

Defend Yourself with Money Laundering Lawyers

In cases of legalization of funds, it is essential to adequately understand your chances and choose the most profitable defense tactics. It all depends on your role in the cashing out scheme, whether you can prove your innocence. If the investigation has irrefutable evidence, then the defense will be based entirely on another strategy, and here it is necessary to strive to mitigate the fate. But adequate protection is possible only if there is complete trust between you and the lawyer of money laundering near you. So it is necessary to inform the attorney of all critical circumstances without hiding anything. The only people on your side are lawyers in money laundering.

Consultation of Attorneys in UAE

When initiating a criminal case, a suspect should immediately contact lawyers and money laundering nearby. Trying to defend your rights on your own will almost certainly lead to a conviction and severe punishment. An experienced advocate will push for a dismissal, acquittal, or substantial mitigation of the sentence.

How will our lawyers in money laundering help you?

  • help change the measure of restraint in custody
  • achieve retraining of the actions of the suspect to mitigate the punishment
  • significantly facilitate the court verdict
  • find violations in procedure
  • prove innocence
  • get you released in the courtroom

A lawyers on money laundering in Dubai will interview witnesses, establish an accurate picture of what happened, apply for the necessary examinations, exclude the possibility of providing moral and psychological pressure on the part of law enforcement agencies to obtain the testimony they need and find procedural violations. Therefore, create conditions under which the grounds for bringing a person to criminal responsibility disappear.

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