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The practice of family law tends to center around the major topics of divorce, child custody, domestic violence, property, and prenuptial agreements. However, the nature of the practice means a thoughtful, experienced approach is often needed for best effect. This is especially true when children are caught in the middle of family disputes, financial matters, or court proceedings.

At Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates, we provide first-class family legal expertise via our knowledgeable team of family lawyers. In all cases, we strive to minimize stress and anxiety by our efficient and friendly approach. It is this reason why our clients trust us to deliver the right legal guidance and support, on time, every time. For high-quality family legal representation, look no further.

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As a large law firm operating in the UAE, we are well-aware of the issues surrounding nationality, residential status, and religion. The nature of law in the UAE means that family lawyers must have keen expertise in all aspects of personal status law, alongside international law. Whether dealing with legal aspects of marriage, divorce, child custody, or otherwise, considering these factors is a must.

Besides our vast knowledge of the UAE legal landscape, we have international law experience. This helps us to achieve legal success when issues transpire between nationalities residing outside of the UAE. We are pleased to have a solid track record of success stories from both local and international clients.

Divorce law experts

Our legal advice and support, as mentioned previously, also extends to divorce law. This is one of our most sought-after services and requires a careful, methodological approach to reach the most favorable resolution. Our expert divorce lawyers have great experience in dealing with cases in an efficient, thoughtful manner. At all stages we provide sound advice and keep clients updated at every stage of a divorce. Clients appreciate professional legal advice during what is often a stressful, upsetting time.

Confidential, friendly, and professional

In all our legal dealings, we guarantee a commitment to confidentiality and professionalism. This is especially important in family law matters, where reaching an amicable resolution is often the best course of action. Invariably, this means a better outcome and shared resolution for the family unit. However, we always deal with matters on a case by case basis. In the worst case scenario, we are able to provide full court representation and ongoing legal support. It is our aim to pursue adequate settlement for the client within the framework of the UAE and international law.

Our team of family lawyers can speak multiple languages and are ready to assist with any family issue. We operate from our offices in Business Bay, near Downtown Dubai. Please do not hesitate to contact us on the following number: +971 52 9333726. We are happy to provide legal consultations and immediate assistance. Alternatively, complete our short inquiry form. We will endeavor to respond to your query within one business day.

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