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When people get married, the question is what to consider. Usually, happy couples expect the best outcome because partners trust each other, but sometimes things go wrong, and it’s better to protect your future from unexpected events. So, a prenuptial agreement is your lifeline. Our professional lawyer for court marriage in Dubai will help you avoid embarrassing moments and protect your honestly earned property.

The Essence of Marital Contract

It is a deal between spouses that regulates property issues. In other words, a professional lawyer will help you produce, analyze, and sign a document that clearly states what is husband’s and wife’s ownership during marriage and what assets they are supposed to get in case of divorce.

Why Lawyer’s Help Is Necessary for Happy Marriage

Court marriage lawyers will help you:

  • avoid all property risks;
  • reduce causes of the conflict;
  • ensure both parties’ security.

Modes of Ownership

A reliable court marriage lawyer usually offers three possible ways to manage future belongings:

  • joint mode – all belongings are in common use, and in case of divorce, it is divided equally;
  • fractional mode – each of the spouses owns their share, for example, an apartment, and can dispose of it as they want (sell, donate, and so on). These parts are often divided “fairly”. For example, if the husband earned most of the money, most of the apartments belong to him.
  • separate mode – everyone possesses what they’ve owned before (f.e., he has an apartment, and she has a car). Attorneys will include all the details in the contract (even ownership of forks and spoons).

Role of Advocate for Court Marriage

Of course, you may try to create a contract on your own, but most likely, you’ll have to redo it, and notaries in Dubai will take more money for registration than expert lawyers. Therefore, the best option is to draw up an agreement with competent attorneys.

Please, pay attention to the fact that all property that is not spelled out in the contract is automatically considered jointly acquired. To avoid unpleasant situations, court marriage lawyers near you can amend it so that the conditions may change during family life.

When Lawyers’ Services Are Required

Marriage lawyers in UAE are capable of preparing a contract both before and after the wedding ceremony. However, it enters into force only after the official registration of their marital status.

Court Marriage Advocate Service – Is It a Long Process?

Preparation of all documents may take time. However, if the partners know at least the approximate terms of the contract they want to include and agree with each other, they will receive it within a week with the help of a competent court marriage advocate nearby.

Advantages You May Appreciate

Lawyers are sure that a prenuptial agreement has much more pros than cons:

  • settlement of possible property disputes between spouses that arise both during matrimony and divorce;
  • saving nerves and money on the courts and additional lawyers’ services;
  • various ownership modes.

Even though a contract’s conclusion may be difficult from a psychological point of view, it’s a convenient tool that allows solving each of the spouses’ short-term and long-term problems.

Also, it may be difficult to provide details for absolutely all situations in the contract, but there is nothing impossible for our court marriage lawyers in Dubai. We’ll make all the necessary adjustments so that everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

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