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The most frequent question arising from clients is about the property’s status, which is either already acquired in a civil union, or planned to be obtained after marriage. Thus, we can’t overestimate the importance of legal advice from a trusted advocate. Be sure that there is nothing wrong with asking questions. You can always contact our marriage advocate in Dubai and ask them to provide quality consultation on marital issues.

Why Do You Need a Marriage Advocate?

Legal advice on matrimony is a confident look into the future, not to look back with pain later. Thus, reliable attorneys in UAE can consult you on:

  • all life situations in which a married couple may find themselves;
  • the procedure of the correct property registration;
  • prenuptial agreement;
  • how not to lose parenting in the future/rights to child custody;
  • how to pay alimony correctly and what amount of money;
  • many other important issues.

Adjust to Modern Realii

Considering legal issues before marrying isn’t shameful anymore. It would be best if you stopped associating it with a certain distrust of the future spouse as it’s not the right approach to taking a serious step in life.

Nothing lasts forever! That’s why competent marriage attorneys nearby will certainly recommend not to underestimate the importance of the prenuptial agreement.

What Can Be Prescribed in a Contract?

  • property (marriage attorneys define how the spouses will divide the property in case of a divorce);
  • accommodations;
  • alimony payments;
  • child support payments;
  • and so on (who should distribute the family budget; how to deal with debts; pay for traveling, treatment, health insurance, children’s education, etc.).

Advocate for Marriage in Dubai

One of our main specializations is family law practice, so we know all the minor details about marriage, divorce, property disputes, and children. Experienced marriage attorneys are ready to share recommendations and contribute to the peaceful resolution of the conflict. You will receive a sincere answer to the question: “What can I count on?” as honesty with a client is one of the first items on our law firm’s list of priorities.

Many clients regret that they did not receive appropriate advice from attorneys before matrimony. Obviously, with the competent help of a marriage advocate near you, it’s possible to avoid many problems or at least minimize the risks and consequences.

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