Immigration law and citizenship involves the nationality and legal status of individuals of the UAE and of foreign descent. The area is complex due to the globalized nature of the world, immigration laws and policies, and possibilities for dual nationality. In the 21st century, it is not uncommon for individuals and companies to operate across borders, either on a temporary basis, or on a more long-term basis.

The topic of citizenship is key. An individual’s place of birth or family connections can be crucial in determining whether immigration or citizenship is granted within the UAE. This is also true of elsewhere across the world. Incorrect documentation can cause delays to entry into the UAE, causing severe disruption to travel plans and business dealings. In some cases, this can lead to individuals being banned completely, wasting valuable time and financial resources.

Therefore, experienced, knowledgeable lawyers are needed to solve what are often complicated, sensitive issues in this area. Whether there is a problem with obtaining a travel or working visa, or an issue related to 2nd citizenship, we can help.

Our immigration and citizenship services

At Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates, our immigration and citizenship lawyers are experienced and have proven case credentials. The major services we provide in this area of law include:

Citizenship eligibility – We can assess an individual’s eligibility for 2nd citizenship and provide expert guidance on how to achieve this. Our lawyers are on hand to answer any questions related to individual legal statuses and UAE 2nd citizenship.

Individual representation – We provide full legal representation during applications for 2nd citizenship. This includes completion of any relevant documentation and advice and support on what steps to take. We are also able to provide representation for individuals wishing to enhance or modify their immigration status.

Immigration process support – As part of our package, we are able to manage the immigration process from beginning to end. This also includes helpful advice and support on how to realize investment goals.

Commercial immigration services – With our vast commercial experience, we are well-equipped to provide immigration services to businesses of different sizes. This includes businesses wishing to obtain temporary or long-term visas for employees.

Immigration/citizenship advice and support – Whether one-off advice and support, or as part of an immigration and citizenship package, our lawyers are on call to help. We guarantee expert guidance and support when and where it is needed in the UAE.

Experienced, friendly lawyers in the UAE

Based in Dubai in the UAE, our law firm not only has vast experience in the Middle East, it also has a long history of providing legal advice for people of different nationalities. Whether needing immigration and citizenship advice as an individual, or an organization needing help and support for employees, we are waiting to assist.

Trust our multilingual team of immigration consultants to provide expert citizenship and immigration services. Please call our immigration lawyers today on +971 55 9230221. Alternatively, e-mail us using the advertised contact form.


Aws. M.Younis

Mr. Aws M. Younis is the Managing Director / Senior Legal Consultant, and has had a dynamic and successful career which was built on high motivation and dedication. Adv. Aws Younis is active in Dubai since 2004.

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We offer a variety of immigration services that are sure to meet your specific personal or business needs.
We provide immigration services to:

  • Antigua
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Malta
  • St. Kitts
  • St. Lucia
  • USA

Our services include:

  • Helping you change your citizenship/ become a dual citizen. Enjoy visa free travel to a number of countries by changing your citizenship status.
  • Advising you on the citizenship options available to you and assessing which country would be most suitable for your needs.
  • Advising you on the available investment options, such as making donations, investing in real estate, starting a business.
  • Or, helping you process other options which do not require an investment, such as a work visa, student visa, etc.
  • We provide guidance to you throughout your application process so that you do not have to carry the stress of this process and feel overwhelmed by the high volume of forms.

Become a citizen of Dominica for as less as $100,000 and enjoy visa-free travel to more than 119 countries.
Average time to citizenship: 3 – 4 months!
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