Intellectual Property (IE) law covers the topic of ownership of materials and works by people and organizations. This area of law is highly-sought after, especially by businesses who wish to protect their unique developments and designs. Although intellectual property law is also applicable for the protection of works by individuals.

For businesses, the subject area is crucial for the protection of trademarks, product designs, patents, brand image, and other copyrighted material. For individuals, the topic can cover many aspects of personal works, such as written materials (e.g. books and articles), music scores, film productions, web designs, and more.

Effective intellectual property enforcement

At Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates, our specialist intellectual property lawyers have great experience in the industry. This enables us to provide effective protection for individuals and organizations of different sizes. We provide personalized legal advice and support within Dubai and the wider UAE. In cases where a dispute cannot be resolved, we are fully equipped to take enforcement measures to ensure compliance with the law. This can be achieved via the UAE courts and also the DIFC courts.

Our intellectual property services

The topic of Intellectual Property covers a broad spectrum and we are fortunate to specialize in all key areas. We are able to provide advice, support, and enforcement services in Dubai, the wider UAE, and across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The main IP services our lawyers cover include:

  • Anti-counterfeiting and the protection of goods – We can provide advice, support, and protection against counterfeit goods in circulation. This includes the enforcement of patents to ensure compliance with UAE and international law.
  • Brand protection – Companies who rely on recognizable branding require expert IP services. Our knowledgeable intellectual property lawyers have a positive track record of commercial trademark and patent protection.
  • Marketing and advertising – For commercial organizations, the protection of marketing collateral and advertising imagery, writing, and video production is crucial. We are on hand to provide expert knowledge and guidance for companies of all sizes.
  • Copyright protection – The enforcement of copyrighted works by individual persons or businesses is important to preserve the nature of the materials. We are able to enforce intellectual property law by issuing demands for compliance. Similarly, in cases of non-compliance, we can take further action to ensure enforcement.
  • Transferring intellectual property – Our IP lawyers are able to oversee the full transfer of intellectual property to other individuals and organizations. We provide initial advice and support, then prepare the necessary contracts of ownership.
  • Intellectual property portfolio management – For large organizations with multiple brands, full service IP portfolio management is often needed. This ensures protection and enforcement of intellectual property disputes against competing businesses.

Why choose Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates?

In our law firm, we know the importance of efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly service. We believe in providing a high-quality law practice to both individuals and companies across Dubai and the UAE. Our lawyers have vast experience in intellectual property law in both private and commercial settings. Please contact us on +971 55 9230221 to find out more about how we can help.


Aws. M.Younis

Mr. Aws M. Younis is the Managing Director / Senior Legal Consultant, and has had a dynamic and successful career which was built on high motivation and dedication. Adv. Aws Younis is active in Dubai since 2004.

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Abdulla Al Suwaidi

Mr. Abdulla Al Suwaidi is the Local Partner / Senior Legal Consultant, and has had a successful career which was built on high motivation and commitment. He specializes in a full range of legal matters in the U.A.E

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