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Maritime Law is a complex yet necessary area of law that focuses on the shipping industry and other nautical issues. It especially concentrates on the interaction between trade and markets, shipping corporations, and local and international jurisdictions. Since 90% of international shipments arrive by sea, and 70% of the globe is water, maritime law is crucial to the international rules-based agreements around trade.

Maritime law, which is also known as admiralty law, acts as the arbitrator for relationships between shipping and all involved stakeholders. The subject area is vital in the case of maritime disputes and covers both commercial and private shipping issues.

Maritime law in Dubai and the UAE

The UAE is strategically located in an area of the Middle East with heavy shipping traffic. As an economically crucial area for shipping and trade, this area has developed to become a major hub for shipping and maritime affairs.

Our maritime law services in Dubai

Just some of the maritime law services we provide are as follows:

Shipping insurance – We can advise and arrange the correct type of shipping insurance to ensure full compliance with all relevant laws.

Accidents and collisions at sea – In cases of collision, we can represent clients and provide fast and efficient advice on how to proceed.

Legalities of transport and logistics – Our specialists are well-versed on all the legalities surrounding commercial cargo and freight shipping.

Seizure of ships and other vessels – For clients with a seized ship, we can help. Trust our knowledgeable maritime law attorneys to find a resolution.

Employment and crew remuneration – We are able to provide legal advice and practical support for maritime employment matters, including payment of staff.

Wrecking and salvage – Clients requiring wrecking or salvage need specialized legal permission. Our service includes full oversight of this process from start to finish.

Advantages of our maritime law services

With our wealth of experience in maritime law in Dubai and the UAE, we are able to provide high-quality legal services. Whether this involves drawing up and enforcing shipping contracts, overseeing disputes, settling insurance claims, or providing clients with representation, we strive to provide friendly, efficient service and knowledgeable lawyers. In all cases, we ensure our clients are at the center of everything we do. This way, we can deliver results and ensure long-term client relationships.

As a foremost law firm in Dubai, we can handle both wet and dry shipping issues. We have the ability to give legal advice and support on ports, offshore installations, shipping terminals, smaller vessels, and more. Our service also extends to clients wanting vessels flagged or re-flagged, reclassified, or registered to other owners.

From start to finish, we keep clients well-informed at all times, ensure correct documentation is completed and filed, and that all legal aspects have been covered. For more information, or to hire an experienced maritime attorney, please contact us on +971 52 9333726 to speak to a trained advisor. Alternatively, send us an e-mail by completing the short online form.


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