We proudly present this branch of law as the core expertise area with almost 90% successful outcomes. Our immense experience in this field along with number of landmark judgments in favor of our Clients has brought us to the limelight of the international market.

In United Arab Emirates, Real estate regulatory authority (RERA) in conformity with Dubai Land Department is responsible for regulating the laws and procedure for real estate disputes.

Leading from tenant and landlord issues to the successful settlement of the claims, acquisitions and disposals, asset management, financing, commercial real estate, construction and engineering, due diligence, planning and development, leasing, complex long-term projects involving negotiations and cross border investment, we represent our client in a most proficient manner.

We carry out the activities from drafting of deeds, negotiating and resolving dispute with developers for timely property handover, assisting and representing before the major arbitration centers in the UAE including Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Center (ADCCAC) and Ras Al Khaimah Centre of Reconciliation and Commercial Arbitration and before all the courts by filing of liens and statement of claims. In our work, we ensure that the client is continuously updated and assisted with the progress of the case.

At last, our fees structure for providing the services is also very flexible. We present different fees structure to our clients, from hourly rate to monthly/annual retainer to the success of the case, we ensure that our relationship with our clients is strongly rooted.

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  • Woman receives $240,000 for injuries received from boxes falling on her at retail store.
  • Woman receives $120,000 for cervical spine injury requiring epidural steroid injections after automobile accident.
  • Man in mid-30s receives $120,000 in damages for cervical spine fracture suffered in truck collision.
  • Woman in her early 20s receives $96,000 for physical and psychological damages caused by food tampering at restaurant.
  • Man in mid-20s receives $31,107 in damages for back injury suffered from truck wreck caused by downed power line.