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Abdulla Alsuwaidi proudly advises clients through a range of immigration matters and provides trusted legal services in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Portuguese and Hindi.

Our law firm is uniquely prepared and experienced and can handle all client matter in an efficient, cost-conscious manner.

We have built a reputation in handling USA immigration services and our approach to all immigration-related questions and problems is with understanding and personal commitment. Our firm collaborates with Garfield Law Group, one of the leading USA immigration services providers and law firms practicing in the USA with offices in Washington DC and Honolulu, Hawaii. The team is led by the founding attorney David Garfield, who has devoted himself exclusively to immigration law practice for 35 Years.

Effective USA Immigration Service and other immigration legal advice is based on each client’s personal and professional situation, and on his or her long-term goals for life and work, or retirement, in the U.S.


If you wish to pursue an EB-5 investor’s green card, an E-2 investor visa, a work visa (L-1 Visa), H- 1B Visa, TN Visa, L-1 visa, J-1 Visa, or an R -1 Visa), or extraordinary abilities (O, P, EB-1A), or visit/student visa (B-1/B-2, F-1), or waivers (I-601, I-212), or if you qualify to immigrate based on marriage to a U.S. citizen or immediate family sponsorship, strategic case planning must be an essential component of successful legal advice in order to ensure that you and your dependents’ long-term needs will be met.

Many potential immigrants feel more comfortable to work with a USA Immigration services team like ours that guides them through the complexities of immigration law in their native language. Abdulla Alsuwaidi and Garfield and their legal staff are multilingual and personally experienced in moving to and living in a foreign country. You will be pleased with the firm’s straightforward and unassuming manner to discuss all your USE immigration services options and to answer all your questions with competence and personal concern for the outcome of your case.

Our relationship with our clients is built on trust and on the understanding that their desire to make America their new homeland, either temporarily or permanently, deserves our full attention and our best effort in helping them realize their goal of living and working in the United States.


Please feel free to call us to discuss your situation or schedule an appointment with one of the Attorneys at our office in Dubai. We will gladly send you general information about your immigration options or call you to discuss your case. Our team is looking forward to assisting you in accomplishing your USA immigration goals in the U.S.

Our team is devoted to helping you accomplish your own version of the American Dream. Take the first step in your case by contacting Abdulla Alsuwaidi today here

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Ms. Manal, a legal consultant at Abdulla Al Suwaidi Advocates. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International law with over 8 years of experience in the law field.

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